Japanese rock for the English speaking masses.

Kimura Takashi - Drums/Vocals, Watanabe Asako - Bass/Vocals, Shaku Keiji - Guitar/Vocals
FYI: Pronounced "haze" like "Purple Haze"

the heiz
Tokyo-based throwback ROCK'N'ROLL three piece's worldwide debut. 14 tracks. Digipak with faux vinyl CD face. Release date: 11/17/09.
1. Don't Let Me Down
2. Tokyo's Burning
3. Black Pepper Girl
4. Out of Time
5. Monday Morning Blues
6. Please Don't Cry
7. Wait Wait Wait
8. Hurry Up Baby
9. Tomorrow Nite
10. Ta-Me-Shi-Te-Mi-Ta-I
11. Macaroni Surf
12. Menthol Blues
13. What To Say
14. Keihin No. 3 "Koi-No-Daisan-Keihin"

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"Tokyo three-piece the HEIZ comes storming out of the gate with some balls-to-the-wall ol' timey garage. Wearing their '60s influences loud and proud, taking in some early blues influence from the PRETTY THINGS, the YARDBIRDS, and even a soulful touch of THEE MIDNIGHTERS...bags of energy, attitude, and rawness -- MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL (1/10)

Shaku and Asako were members of the well known electro-rock three piece Milkteath while Kimura played drums for indie rock band Outside. Both bands released many CDs and DVDs, toured Japan nationwide numerous times, and appeared on several television shows. But Shaku, Asako, and Kimura couldn’t get any satisfaction…

The three members of “the heiz” first met in 2005 when their respective bands played together for the first time. Three years worth of jam sessions later and “the heiz” were born.

The theme of "the heiz" is "DO NATURALLY”.
"the heiz" eat MUSIC and excrete ROCK’N’ROLL.
"the heiz" want to make pure music, like the musicians that inspire them (The Beatles, The Ramones, Chuck Berry).
“the heiz” really want you to hear their ROCK’N’ROLL.

Tokyo No Records is pleased to release the band's worldwide self-titled debut album.

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