Japanese rock for the English speaking masses.

Keita Kondo - Vocals/Guitars/Noise Machine
Naoki Otsu - Drums

Boo! I'm A Ghost!
Fuzzed out sci-fi garage rock duo's debut CD. Eight tracks, three of which feature Toru Matsui from DMBQ on guitar. Digipak with faux vinyl CD face. Release date: 11/3/09.
1. Studying for an Examination

2. Boo! I'm a Ghost!
3. UFO Club
4. The Metamorphosis
5. The Ghost Left Town
6. The Fool *
7. Feedback No. 1
8. UFO Club (alternate version)
* US exclusive track

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"...a weird amalgam of '70s hard rock with electronic sound effects noises. Spazzed-out sounds with glam stylings..."

Nagoya's The Questionmarks are the brainchild of vocalist/noise maker Keita Kondo. Their sound is a mix of 60's psychedelic music and Japanese Showa-era culture (1926-1989). They've self-released more than 10 albums in Japan since they formed back in 2007. Their songs have received heavy airplay around the world, from Japan to Europe to North America.

When the band formed, Keita was more interested in literature and formative culture than in the whole band thing. It shows through in his lyrics, the unique charm of which fuels the interests of Questionmarks fans.

The Questionmarks love recording their music much more than performing live. The band's rare live performances always draw huge crowds for their crazed action and mind boggling garage fuzz sound.

The Questionmarks will embark on a U.S. tour in 2010. You've been warned...

Boo! I'm A Ghost! is The Questionmarks' debut CD and is available worldwide exclusively from Tokyo No Records.

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