Japanese rock for the English speaking masses.

(L to R) Yosuke - Drums, Ted - Eleki Bass,
Kizuhiko - Eleki Guitar/Vocal, Hizashi - Eleki Guitar

Last Group Sounds
"Last Group Sounds" is a 10 track compilation of fan favorite Captains songs. Tokyo No Records is proud to present the band's first stateside release. Digipak with faux vinyl CD face.
1. Tandem With You

2. Running Into Your Heart
3. Poolside Beachside
4. Shooting Stars In Your Eyes
6. A Butterfly In The Spider's Nest
7. The Youthful Days
8. Tunnel To Heaven
9. Love Under The Equator

10. The Love Ninja

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I Love GS
The Last GS Champions pay tribute to the genre they love. 10 covers of classic Japanese rock songs. Digipak. Release date: 10/22/08.
1. Flower Necklace (The Tigers)
2. Crimson Son (Hibari Misora)
3. Emerald Legend (The Tempters)
4. Furi Furi (The Spiders)
5. Let's Live For Today (The Tempters)

6. Blue Chateau (Jacky Yoshikawa & Blue Comets)
7. Crying Sunset (The Spiders)
8. Tunnel To Heaven (The Dynamites)
9. Memory Beach (The Wild Ones)
10. Crying Sunset (Instrumental)

I Love GS on-liner notes written by Kizuhiko

International orders must contact me for additional shipping fees.

The Captains perform for 650 fans in Atlanta. September 2007.

"Group Sounds" is a collective term that refers to the hundreds of rock bands that formed in Japan throughout the late 1960s. These bands appeared shortly after the Beatles' historic Budokan concerts in '66 and dominated the Japanese music industry until 1970, which is usually accredited as the start of the psychedelic "New Sounds" era. GS bands often had six or more members who were expected to dress in stylish matching outfits. And they did so well.

GS samples:
Tokyo Beatles "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
The Spiders "Ban Ban"
Blue Comets "Blue Chateau"

Tokyo No Records also recommends the following GS bands: The Tempters, The Carnabeats, The Mops, 491, The Wild Ones, The Village Singers, Sharp Five, The Dynamites, and The Bunnys.

The Captains formed in an effort to carry on the GS tradition. They are currently one of the most popular indie acts in Japan, their following constantly growing due to incessant touring and a memorable live act. They live in a house together in northern Japan, just like the Monkees (aside from the Japan bit).

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